Published message on behalf of: Project Migrant's voices in public debate – utilizing freedom of speech in Finland

We are offering you an opportunity to learn new skills enabling you to take part into public discussion in Finland! Read on and join the workshops for Migrants’ voices in public debate – utilizing freedom of speech in Finland.

Do you have things to say but don't know where and how to start?
Would you like to get your voice heard better in Finnish media?
Would you like to learn to understand how the Finnish media works in order to better follow and influence discussion?
Would you like to make a difference in your new home country?
If answering yes to any of these question, please read further and find out how to join the workshops organised by Vikes (Foundation for Media and Development).

Project Migrant's voices in public debate – utilizing freedom of speech in Finland consists of three participatory workshops organized in Helsinki, Tampere and Vaasa. We hope you can attend all three workshops in your city. We accept applications from migrants who are originally from outside of the EU states, USA and Australia.

The trainers are experienced Finnish journalists, experts and researchers, and you will also have the opportunity to receive mentoring after the workshops.

What will I learn?

-What freedom of speech means in Finland – your rights and responsibilities
-How the Finnish media works and how news stories are born
-How to create contacts and get your stories published in Finnish media
-Practical skills for communications and content production e.g. how to make and find a suitable channel for your article, blog, podcast etc.

How to join

Please send your application answering to the following questions: 1) Describe your background briefly 2) Why are you applying to this training?

Applications via email by Tuesday 20th February to
For more information, please contact Riikka Seppälä or Kirsi Koivuporras