Student Union offers you a possibility to put your thesis and other precious work in hardback covers, which will make sure that your papers are in order and stay like that!

And, of course it feels nicer to take a book out from the shelf, rather than a messy pile of paper in a plastic folder ;)

Limited amount of “soft covers” also available.

Covering and printing service for students is priced as following.

  Members of the Union Non Members
Hard backs 10€ 15€
Hard back x3 25€ 40€
Soft backs 5€ 8€
White soft backs 2€ 3€
Printing and copies, B&W (1-10p.) 1€ 1€
Printing and copies, Full colour (1-10 pages) 2€ 2€
Printing and copies, Seasonal printing pass 10€ 10€