Are you keen to meet new people and willing to come up with ideas for activities? Have some great ideas (or evil plans) for the freshmen coming for new academic year? If you said yes to either, you are the person we are looking for, so apply for tutoring! Application period for tutoring is open for academic year 2019-2020.

Working as a tutor you will get to know new students, guide them during their studies and show them the student life in Lappeenranta (and possibly even Lahti!?). You will make new friends among other tutors and of course freshmen too (credits as well!). You will cooperate with different sections of the UAS and you’re able to arrange activities and plan happenings.

Applying is open from 14th til 28th of February 2019. Send you free form application to the Tutor Executive of SAIKO . Include your contact information and mention if you have previous experience from tutoring.

All applicants will be called for tutor trainings arranged by the Student Union and they are mandatory in case you want to work as a tutor in Saimaa UAS. Training sessions will be held during late spring (before academic year ends) and early autumn (before academic year starts)

More information:

Tutor Executive of SAIKO, Ms. Nea Jämsen

SAIKO Specialist of Guidance, Mr. Juho Timperi