Student Union of LAB University of Applied Sciences KOE will start operating on 1st of January 2020. The Representative Council Elections will be held to elect a Representative Council for the new Student Union. The term of office of the Representative Council shall be the calendar year, 1st of January 2020 to 31th of December 2020. Members (20) and alternative members (10) of the Representative Council will be elected in November 2019.

Candidate Settlement Time: 1st of October 2019 – 16th of October 2019

Voting time: 30th of October 2019 – 6th of November 2019
Advance voting from 30th of October to 5th of November 2019

Election Day 6th of November 2019

Publication of election results: 6th of November 2019

The link to become a candidate:
The link to create an election list:

Voting will be held electronically. Student Union LAMKO and Student Union SAIKO members, who have paid their membership fees by 16th of October 2019 have the right to vote. Members will receive a disposable voting link to the email address entered in the Membership Register. All students who have paid the Student Union LAMKO and the Student Union SAIKO membership fees by 16th of October 2019 may nominate themselves in the Representative Council elections. Applying is done by completing the application form, which can be found on the Student Union websites and Facebook event.

Candidates may form an election coalition, which can have up to 20 members. An electoral or non-electoral representative must be appointed to the election coalition. To form an election coalition, candidates must enter their full names and student numbers to the forming announcement. The election coalition must have a name to be published in the election announcements. The name of an election coalition must not be commercial, insulting or otherwise inappropriate. The Central Election Commission has the right to order the election coalition to rename itself. A candidate may only belong to one election coalition. If a candidate has not declared his / her election coalition, he / she shall form alone his / her own coalition. The list of candidates is published on the Student Union websites and on social media channels.

The Student Representative Council operates in Finnish. Fluent spoken and written Finnish is required.

-Central Election Commitee