Degree students as well as exchange students can join the Student Union and get a student card if they meet the other card granting terms.


You can join the Student Union once you have received your study place and acquired a student number. You will get the number during orientations.

1. Fill this APPLICATION FORM and pay it with credit card or finnish online bank account.
2. Pay the membership for a time of your selection. Card manufacturing is 9,90€ (included in the membership fee of the order)
3. Card will be sent to the Student Union office within 1-2 weeks.
4. You can find the local benefits of the card from

5. Remember to check you spam mail folder since the arrival notice of the card might end up there!

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Membership prices for academic year 2019-2020

You can pay the membership of the Student Union for the whole studying time or just for a semester. Please note that the more you pay at once, the cheaper one academic years membership becomes.

4 years 85€
3,5 years 75€
3 years 65€
2 years 50€
1 year 30€
1 semester 20€
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