I’m a degree student from abroad, can I get a student card?
Yes you can. All students of Saimaa UAS can get a student card if they are studying in a degree programme.

I’m an exchange student from abroad, can I get a student card?
Yes you can. In case your studies at your home university and studies in Saimaa UAS last at least 8 months combined, you are eligible for a student card in Finland.

How do I pay the student card?
You can pay the student card at the end of the ordering process. To pay, you need either a credit card or a Finnish bank account with online banking.

What does the membership of the Student Union mean at the card ordering process?
Student card is a proof of your student status nationally and Student Union is the body who will confirm this status. Status is confirmed by a special sticker that is put in the card either for 1 academic year or 1 semester (also depending on the amount of membership left). You get the sticker(s) by paying the Student Union membership fee for at least 1 semester and it can be retrieved from Student Unions offices.

Please note that student card is basically useless without the membership confirmation (sticker).

How long is my membership and the sticker valid?
There are two types of stickers: academic year and autumn.

Academic year sticker is valid until September next year after the sticker has been put in to the card.

Autumn sticker is valid until the end of January next year after the sticker has been put in to the card.

Can I get a new sticker for my card sent to me in mail?
Student Union won’t send stickers in mail, though if you have membership left/paid, you can send your card to us with a return envelope. We will put the sticker in to your card and send it back to the address of the return envelope.

Please note us beforehand in case you are going to send us the card for the membership confirmation.

Where can I get my student card?
All student cards are sent to the Student Union office from the card manufacturer. You can retrieve your own card once you get a arrival notice via email.

If I pay membership fee for 3 academic years and will be absent from studies for example for 1 semester, do my unused memberships move on to the period where I will start my studies again since I don’t have a sticker in the card?
No. Membership paid in advance will be for 3 years, and it is a rolling membership from the semester you started to the end of the amount of paid memberships. Exception is that you inform the Student Union about the absence of yourself, informing the school is not enough. Absent student cannot be an active member of the Student Union, and because of that using the student card during absence period is prohibited (by law). This would be misuse of special status.

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