By joining the Student Union, you receive a student card, which also functions as a member card for SAIKO. With the card you can use local and national benefits for students and prove your student status. Membership /cards are separate for each Student Union – you can only join the Student Union of your own UAS.  

As a member, you get a possibility to participate in Student Unions actions and to affect student-related decision making both locally and nationwide. You can vote and place yourself as a candidate in Representative Council elections and apply for the Executive Board. Membership of the Student Union does not obligate you to anything (work for the union etc.). So it's basically only for YOUR benefit!

Are you an active in the field of civic activities? In SAIKO you can plan and organize student events, influence in educational issues, students wellbeing and more. This all will benefit you in the future, for example in your career.



Because it’s useful, for real! Click the heimokortti-logo below to check all the local benefits SAIKO and LTKY negotiates just for you (of course not all the places you can have benefits from are listed on the site, but it's a start!)

Heimo logo

With the student card, you can use all local and national benefits for students.
You are first to know about new events and happenings.
Chance to join in Student Unions actions, gain experience and meet new people.

You can pay the membership of the Student Union for the whole studying time or just for a semester. Please note that the more you pay at once, the cheaper one academic years membership becomes.

Membership prices for Academic year 2019-2020

4 years 85€
3,5 years 75€
3 years 65€
2 years 50€
1 year 30€
1 semester 20€



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